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US Right Direction Wrong Track

37% Right Direction

53% Wrong Track

Updated 1 hour ago

Trump Job Approval

42% Approve

53% Disapprove

Trump Job Approval - Health Care

35% Approve

53% Disapprove

Donald Trump Favorable Rating

43% Favorable

52% Unfavorable

Mike Pence Favorable Rating

46% Favorable

42% Unfavorable

Paul Ryan Favorable Rating

33% Favorable

49% Unfavorable

Nancy Pelosi Favorable Rating

30% Favorable

48% Unfavorable

Mitch McConnell Favorable Rating

24% Favorable

44% Unfavorable

Chuck Schumer Favorable Rating

28% Favorable

39% Unfavorable

Congress Job Approval

18% Approve

60% Disapprove

Republican Party Favorable Rating

37% Favorable

53% Unfavorable

Democratic Party Favorable Rating

40% Favorable

50% Unfavorable

Obama Job Approval

56% Approve

40% Disapprove

Barack Obama Favorable Rating

61% Favorable

37% Unfavorable