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How New York City Voted

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio won the Democratic mayoral primary and will face Republican nominee Joe Lhota in the Nov. 5 general election.

But the electoral map shows a divided city, with John Liu sweeping neighborhoods with majority Asian populations, Christine Quinn finding pockets of deep support on the Upper East Side, and even Anthony Weiner picking up districts in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.

Citywide Results

Bill de Blasio 282,344 40.83%
William Thompson 180,841 26.15%
Christine Quinn 108,893 15.75%
John Liu 47,286 6.84%
Anthony Weiner 34,192 4.94%
Erick Salgado 15,914 2.30%

Citywide Results

Bill de Blasio 40.83%
William Thompson 26.15%
Christine Quinn 15.75%
John Liu 6.84%
Anthony Weiner 4.94%
Erick Salgado 2.30%
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