Poll Update

US Right Direction Wrong Track - Wrong Track 50%, Right Direction 38% (Allstate/National Journal 9/24-9/28/09)

Population 1,200 Adults
Margin of Error ±2.8 percentage points
Polling Method Live Phone
Source Allstate/National Journal
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US Right Direction Wrong Track

Asked of 1200 Adults
Right Direction 38%
Wrong Track 50%
Undecided 8%

Obama Job Approval

Asked of 1200 Adults
Approve 52%
Disapprove 40%
Undecided 8%

Party Identification

Asked of 1200 Adults
Republican 25%
Democrat 34%
independent 30%
Other 10%
Undecided 3%

And, on the topic of health care, as you understand it, do you (ROTATED) support or oppose the current legislation to reform health care in the U.S.

Asked of 1200 Adults
Don't know/refused 9%
Oppose 42%
Support 49%