Poll Update

2016 General Election - Clinton 48%, Trump 37% (Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research 6/23-6/28/16)

Population 900 Likely Voters
Margin of Error ±3.27 percentage points
Polling Method Live Phone
Source GQR (D-Democracy Corps)
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2016 General Election: Trump vs. Clinton

Asked of 900 Likely Voters
Clinton 48%
Trump 37%
Johnson 8%
Other 3%
Wouldn't Vote 2%
Don't Know / Refused 2%

2016 National House Race

Asked of 900 Likely Voters
Democrat 49%
Republican 41%
Other 2%
Wouldn't Vote 1%
Don't Know / Refused 7%

Obama Job Approval

US Right Direction Wrong Track

Republican Party Favorable Rating

Democratic Party Favorable Rating

Hillary Clinton Favorable Rating

Barack Obama Favorable Rating

Mitch McConnell Favorable Rating

Paul Ryan Favorable Rating

Bernie Sanders Favorable Rating

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