Poll Update

2017 United Kingdom General Election - Conservative 32%, Labour 25% (ORB International/The Daily Telegraph 4/26-4/27/17)

Population 2,093 Adults
Polling Method Live Phone
Source ORB/The Daily Telegraph [PDF]
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On June 8th there will be a general election in the UK. Which party do you think you will you vote for or perhaps you will not vote?

Asked of 2093 Adults
Conservative Party 32%
Labour Party 25%
Liberal Democrat 8%
The UK Independence Party 6%
SNP 3%
Democratic Unionist Party 1%
Sinn Fein 0%
Plaid Cymru 0%
Independent 0%
Ulster Unionist Party 0%
Social Democratic and Labour Party 0%
Other candidate 2%
Not registered to vote 1%
I will not vote 3%
Prefer not to say 2%
Don't Know 15%