Poll Update

2016 California President - Clinton 47%, Trump 31% (Public Policy Institute of California 9/9-9/18/16)

Population 1,702 Adults
Margin of Error ±3.5 percentage points
Polling Method Live Phone
Source PPIC
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If the November 8 presidential election were being held today, would you vote for:

Asked of 1045 Likely Voters
Democratic ticket of Clinton and Kaine 47%
Republican ticket of Trump and Pence 31%
Libertarian ticket of Johnson and Weld 10%
Green party ticket of Stein and Baraka 5%
Someone Else (vol.) 2%
Would not vote for president (vol) 2%
Don't Know (vol) 4%

If the November 8 election for the US Senate were being held today, would you vote for:

Asked of 1054 Likely Voters
Kamala Harris, a Democrat 32%
Loretta Sanchez, a Democrat 25%
Neither/ Would not vote for US senator (vol) 24%
Don't Know 19%

Overall, do you approve or disapprove of the way that Barack Obama is handling his job as president of the United States?

Asked of 1692 Adults
Approve 64%
Disapprove 33%
Don't Know 3%